HC Schaap Men Polo Jersey - White

HC Schaap Men Polo Jersey - White

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The HC Schaap Polo Jersey is made in a unique collaboration between Osaka World and HC Schaap. A team jersey inspired by Michiel, one of the sheep, to support him in the match of his life: Michiel vs. Cancer. All proceeds will go to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Foundation (a cancer research foundation). 

Want to know more about HC Schaap? Read the story here and check Instagram: @hcschaap.

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  • #1 HC Schaap logo on the chest
    The logo was created in the beginning of HC Schaap, inspiration of this shirt came from the Derby County FC logo. This logo is also round shaped and has the text in the same places, but instead of a sheep there is a goat.
  • #2 363.113.1 under the HC Schaap logo
    Michiel's personal number within the Van de Stadt family. Each man in the family gets his own number and from this number the family tree of the family can be read.
  • #3 Blaugrana stripes diagonally across the front of the shirt
    Michiel, a big fan of FC Barcelona, ​​proudly wears the iconic blue/red colors of the local club. These could of course not be missing on the shirt.
  • #4 Dutch flag on the collar
    Michiel van de Stadt, a real Dutchman with a love for abroad won't forget his roots.
  • #5 Catalan flag on the back of the collar
    Michiel lived with Sanne in beautiful Barcelona, ​​​​also known as Catalunya.
  • #6 Andrew's crosses at the bottom left of the front of the shirt
    Michiel has lived in Amsterdam for years, where he now lives again with Sanne.
  • #7 FTC14 in the bottom right of the blaugrana on the front of the shirt
    Michiel's 'stage name' has always been From the City #14, abbreviated to FTC14. The moment Chiel has his hockeystick in his hands, a show is guaranteed.
  • #8 Van de Stadt family crest on the right sleeve
    An ode to the van de Stadt family, especially Johan and Eveline.
  • #9 Barcelona City Coat of Arms on the left sleeve
    The city where Michiel sent the defenders back home with nodding legs and the city he and Sanne fell in love with when they emigrated that way.
  • #10 Coordinates just below the collar on the back
    If you enter these coordinates on Google you will see a location in Barcelona where Sanne and Michiel had their first house together.
  • #11 Van de Stadt the name on the back of the shirt
    Michael's last name
  • #12 Quote on the back at the bottom of the shirt
    “When you're backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down”. This is the situation in which Chiel finds himself and what typifies him in this situation. Thinking in possibilities instead of sitting down with the suits.
  • #13 White, the basic color of the shirt
    In general, most sheep are white, which is therefore also the basis of the shirt of HC Schaap.
  • #14 Shirt number 14, the number on the back of the shirt
    Michiel always plays with his lucky number 14. If the clock strikes 14.14, you can make a wish!

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