We started 6 years ago on a mission to change the game.
The game of hockey and everything around it.
We saw all these brands doing the same boring things. Hockey needed a change, we started importing lifestyle,
coolness, fashion and fun in to the game. Beyond all the fashion and coolness we never compromise on performance.
All for the love of the game

We grew enthusiastic fans in Holland, Belgium, UK, Australia, South Africa,
Argentina, the US and Canada.... All of a sudden we were all over the
The best athletes in the world came to join us, creating a powerful
Winning Olympic Games and championships year after year,
inspiring and
motivating all of us. Osaka World is seen everywhere.
But the world we live in is changing fast and now it is time to change the game again. Osaka addicts inspire
field hockey players around the world.
Let’s make it digital. Do you believe in the
Osaka vision and culture and want to be part of the family?

Is your question How do I become an Osaka athlete?
Who is the OSAKA athlete?

This is the answer. Actually we don’t care if you’re the best player in the world (Arthur no offence), or have a million
The Osaka team is built with genuine and unique individuals. You need to fit the team, have a personality.
Be charismatic and obsessed with sports in body and mind. Inspire people to get better in and around hockey. Have a
positive message and have a desire to change the game.
Get your message across in social media. Start to grow your
influence as an ambassador in hockey and sport lifestyle in general.
Mention or tag OSAKA in your posts. And we will find you.
Your voice matters and needs to inspire all of us. It’s time to start building YOUR brand. Let Osaka help you in creating
content that your followers love.
Guide you in social media and media training. Be a visionary and start your
influence now.
Come and join the OSAKA team. At Osaka we thrive to support players we believe that fit into our Osaka
lifestyle. We set a high standard for who we sponsor like National players and Influencers. We don't accept CV's
however you can get our attention on Social Media.
We head hunt players at tournaments, so keep playing well and we could approach you!
In this day and age, social media is a huge part of everyone's lives. We don't just look for talented players, we also look
out for Influencers. People who have a good Social Media following and influence people to become a part of our
brand are always what we look for!
Show your passion for Osaka and you never know, you could be one of the Elite Sponsored players!