The situation

Due to this summer's excessive climate, the high temperatures during transport created an unforseen side effect.
Our black hang tags bed into our tarpaulin bags and left permanent black marks of all bright colored bags.
Perfectly constructed and designed bags were seemingly destroyed.

The solution

Rather than disposing of the entire batch of brand new bags and having them reproduced,
creating a massive ecological footprint, we found a sustainable solution.

Our bag collection is an expression of the desire to travel and explore.
We joined forces with KLM's Fly Responsibly initiative and created an air-travel inspired graphic
to give you the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime.

We want to make this journey as CO2 neutral as possible.
We will contribute to KLM's CO2ZERO compensation service to negate
the CO2 emissions generated during the production of this bag collection.

The best #osakainitiative

And the winner of the KLMxOSAKA competition is:

L U C A S M A R I N U S (21)

Marinus: ‘That image of Mount Fuji is really famous, but as a photographer, you want to take that snap yourself!’

Lucas and Osaka

'We are a real hockeyfamily. My grandfather, both my parents, my younger brother and my sister, play
field hockey. I know Osaka since I started to play myself. I was eleven years old and my first hockey stick was a blue Osaka stick from the
first collection. Fan since day one.

Now I play more low key in a friends team. Because of my studies: Business Engineer, and my passion for
photography and video, my time is limited. But every free minute is spend these three: hockey, photography or video.’

Marinus: ‘After seeing the video, my first thought was: I have to win this!’

Lucas and the competition

'I heard about the KLMxOSAKA competition through social media. I follow a lot of Osaka athletes and at a
certain stage they all shared a cool video about the competition. After seeing the video,
my first thought was: I have to win this!'

Lucas and the #osakainitiative

My initiative had to do something with what I love. My trip to Copenhagen was already planned a long time ago, but I
wanted to make it as eco-friendly as possible. So I did some research on transport, food and locations. To my
surprise, Copenhagen is one of the greenest cities in the world.

With a bike network throughout the city, I rented my bike and filmed the nicest spots. I finished my montage right before
the end of the contest. My KLMxOSAKA bag has become my lucky charm.

Marinus: ‘My KLMxOSAKA bag has become my lucky charm.’

Lucas and his passions

‘During my childhood, I lived with my parents in Africa. Travelling runs -just like hockey- through my veins. I simply love to
travel. I have two friends who share thesame passion. Since two years, we make a big trip every year. Next to that,
I make smaller trips now and then. I have one planned with my sister. We are heading to Venice in Italy. My passion for
photography and video can be easily combined with my travels. It is like a well fitted puzzle and I enjoy every single minute of it.’

Lucas and Japan

‘Japan is on top of my bucket list since a long time. Winning this trip feels like a dream coming true. The choice for my
mum as my travel companion, may appear a little bit strange to you. I can tell you this, yes, there were some discussions
about this at the dinner table.
But as long as I don't have a girlfriend- so a small shout out to all single ladies. (smiles)

No, I first was in doubt to bring up my brother. He is the biggest Red Lions fan. But he is still quiet young and the
responsibility I would have over him is so big, that I decided that my mum is thebest choice. She really deserves it.
I have
a really great relationship with my parents. The atmosphere at home is always nice.

My friend often ask me to join them and rent a student room in the city. How tempting that may sound, I really like to
stay at home with my family. I get a lot of freedom as long as I do my best for my
studies. My parents are super relax. I also have a cat Nelson, leaving him would kill me.’

Lucas and Mount Fuji

‘You know that Japan is on my bucketlist and that matches perfectly with my
desire to make the ultimate Mount Fuji picture. You see them everywhere, it is
such a famous image. But eventually, as a photographer, you want to take that
snap yourself.

What I expect from Japan is the food to be super nice. I am the biggest sushi lover
on the planet. It is my signature dish during the exams. My mum always gets it
for me.
The cultural differences are going to be interesting and I hope to do loads
of cool street photography. I am so excited about this and I am so looking
forward to this. You can't even imagine!’

Lucas and The Olympics

‘What I expect from the men’s hockey teams? I hope to see a final between Belgium and The Netherlands obviously.
Both such strong hockey countries. Will be a fun game to watch. A semi-final
against Australia would be nice as well.
I think our Lions make a big chance to get the gold.

But the ultimate winner is me, because I am going to experience this live in Tokio.’

Good luck Lucas!

Thanks for taking part

We want to thank everyone for participating with our #osakainitiative. This #osakainitative was
the first step to kickstart our Sustainability plan. The path to global sustainability requires major change, it starts with
smalls steps. With global participation the impact will be significant. This is not the end but just
the beginning. Click down below if you want to learn more about our Sustainability plan.