Digital Hub

Digital Hub

Class is in session! Welcome to Osaka's Digital Hub, your new hotspot for
workouts, learning and meeting your favorite players.

Our hub is the place where you get the chance to interact and engage with
Osaka players and fans from around the world. And all of this will happen live!
All you need to do is download the Zoom App on your computer or
smartphone. Once you are all set, just send us an email to with the class
you wish to join. You will receive a link and password from us. See you on the hub!


Don't want to participate in the class? You can also just watch our livestream during every class. 





 Thursday 4th of June

Athlete Workout Sessions

Train like a Panther.
With Abigail Raye (Belgian Panthers, KHC Dragons)


Get ready for your next workout!
Let's break a sweat with our gym rat Abigail Raye!

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