Club: Pinoké Heren 1 and Dutch U21

Postition on the field: Attacking midfielder

Osaka Hockey Stick: Osaka Pro Tour 100 - Low Bow

What led you to play field hockey?
I began playing hockey at the age of 6 in Curacao, finding immense joy in the game. Over time, my passion for it only grew, leading me to play more and more.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
While I don't have a single source of inspiration, I draw motivation from various figures at different points in time. For instance, individuals like Messi, Neymar, and Israel Adesanya have all inspired me in different ways, alongside, of course, my mom.  

What does field hockey mean for you, right now?
Somehow, it just happened this way- field hockey became my passion, my purpose, my everything. Every moment, every ounce of effort, and every burst of joy is dedicated to this sport that fuels my soul.

What is it like getting to represent your club/ country?
Representing my country is an immense honor. It means wearing the national colors with pride, recognizing that I'm not just playing for myself, but for every person back home who has supported me along the way. It's about carrying the hopes and dreams of my family and friends onto the field, and dedicating every effort to make them proud, while also finding personal fulfillment. This journey is deeply personal, marked by sacrifices, challenges, and moments of pure joy, all while playing with and against the best in the world.

What is your pre-/after game ritual?
I don't really have specific rituals, such as wearing lucky underwear or anything like that. I do focus on taking cold showers, stretching, and foam rolling. I also like to listen to music to get in the zone. Occasionally, I may have some minor OCD tendencies before important games. Aside from that, I just follow the team rituals.

What is a typical day in your life?
My daily routine typically involves training once or twice a day, with gym sessions on days without scheduled training. In between, I handle errands like grocery shopping and dedicate time to business work, forex trading, and editing. To unwind, I enjoy relaxation activities like watching YouTube and spending quality time with friends or family. Afterwards, I prepare dinner and end the day with reading and setting goals for the next day.

What makes you happy?
I find happiness in life's simple pleasures, such as enjoying a nice cup of coffee or feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. Pursuing my passion for field hockey and striving for championship success brings me joy and excitement. And, of course, nothing compares to the love and laughter shared with my family and friends.

What do you do besides field hockey?
Besides field hockey, I dedicate my time to studying entrepreneurship and building my business. Additionally, I immerse myself in learning about forex trading, refining my video editing skills, hitting the gym, and enjoying outings with friends and family.

How do you stay 'on top of your game'? (Healthy, driven etc)
To stay "on top of my game" in terms of health and motivation, I prioritize proper nutrition by eating enough and consuming healthy foods. I also maintain a regular gym routine, incorporating stretching, foam rolling, sauna sessions, and cold showers into my regimen. Adequate sleep is crucial, and I actively work towards my goals while occasionally engaging in activities unrelated to sports to clear my mind and maintain balance.

What do you still want to achieve as athlete?
As an athlete, I'm immensely proud of recent accomplishments like winning the EHL and becoming Dutch champion, alongside earning European gold with the U21 team. Looking ahead, my aspirations include making my debut for the Dutch team and striving for victories in major competitions such as the European, World Cup, and Olympic Games to make my dreams come true.

How do you see the evolution of field hockey (in general) in the coming years?
In the coming years, I envision field hockey evolving towards a style akin to handball, marked by increased speed, rapid passing, and decreased emphasis on individual dribbling skills. With the game becoming faster paced, physical strength and speed will become increasingly vital for sustaining performance at the highest level. The trajectory of the high ball rule remains uncertain, but there has been a noticeable increase in the frequency of high ball usage in recent years.

What does the Osaka ambassadorship mean to you?
Being an Osaka ambassador means representing a brand I deeply believe in and honestly, I think it's the best brand out there. So, being an Osaka ambassador makes me really proud.

How has Osaka influenced your career as an athlete?
Since I started playing with Osaka, my career as an athlete has been positively influenced by their top-notch gear, which has provided me with the best tools to perform at my peak on the field.

What prompted you to team up with Osaka?
I decided to team up with Osaka because I was searching for a brand that has it all, and that's Osaka. It's a big brand with top-notch gear, a stylish fashion influence, and a wide range of clothing and shoes. I've known about Osaka since the early days of my career, and seeing its influence already back then convinced me that it will continue to grow in the future.

What is your most important advice for a beginner athlete?
For beginner athletes, my top advice is simple: have a blast playing the game. If you love it, dive in headfirst! Spend loads of time on the mini field, try out new tricks, challenge your pals to one-on-one matches, and just enjoy every moment of it.

What would you tell your younger self?
To buy a lot of Bitcoin :). But honestly, looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. Everything happened the way it did, and it turned out just fine.