"Where champions are made"

Belgium Padel Academy and Osaka, a perfect match.

Quality, sporty lifestyle and continuous growth. Values we both have in common and that drive us to go above and beyond for our clients.

Alain Sassen, passionate padel player, always believed that true champions are the ones that keep practicing until they get it right. This credo kept him going as a child, later as a padel player and today as head of Belgium Padel Academy.

Founded in 2017 as Antwerp Padel Academy, Alain soon realised his belief was shared with padel students, far beyond the Antwerp boarders.

Only a few years later in 2022, Antwerp padel Academy outgrew its roots and was reformed into Belgium Padel Academy.

Today, the team behind Belgium Padel Academy share their love for the sport and train over 1300 padel lovers across Flanders.

Every decision we make is geared towards making padel more accessible to more people.

Belgium Padel Academy offers initiations, clinics, internships, competitions, team buildings and events for men, women, kids, teens and companies of all levels of

"Everyone is different, so we make sure you can choose a training formula that works best for you"

BPA is thrilled to partner up with Osaka, both Belgian brands with a strong focus on well-being of the players and continuous development. We strongly believe that
there’s a sportsman or woman in everyone, but that we’re not all the same. Different mindset, different skill set, different bodies, different needs. Above all, it is the passion for the sport that brought us together.

“It’s our mission to help grow the game of padel and to bring together an active community that can help all players develop their skill set"