Become an Osaka Athlete

As an Osaka Athlete, you have the opportunity to be featured on our socials
and website while earning exclusive discounts and free products, when sharing your Osaka Experience.

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1. Apply

Register on our Athlete portal
and fill in all your information.
(Download the app too, whilst
you’re at it.)

2. Post & Sell

Start showing off your Osaka
products and generate sales
through your referral code
and link.

3. Get Rewarded

Get commission on your sales,
expand your Osaka kit and
level up to get even more, cool



Earn (starting) 10%
commission on each sale made
through your referral code
and/or link.

Get Featured

Get the opportunity to be
featured on our socials and


Get vouchers for free gear and
the inside scoop on upcoming


Click HERE to get redirected to our Athlete
portal. Once loaded, create your account and
tell us why you want to become an Osaka
Athlete. The more thorough you are, the faster
we can review your application. Once
approved, check out the platform, generate
your personal referral code and link, and share
them with your friends and family.

Make sure to press ‘Start your journey’ when
you are finished, to officially apply to become
an Osaka Athlete.

Download the app whilst waiting for approval.
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What is an Osaka athlete?

It's a chance for our most passionate and active fans to be rewarded for sharing Osaka with
everyone you know. You probably already do that, and with our Osaka Athlete Program, it allows us
to make it an official partnership

Who can become an Osaka athlete?

Anybody is eligible. However, for anyone under the age of 18, a guardian will have to give
permission. Osaka bears no responsibility for athletes that are deemed ineligible for play because
they are found to be in violation of local sports governing bylaws.

I am a hockey trainer or coach; can I get a sponsorship?

Yes, just like any other athlete, you can sign up. The influence you have on your team, can be
rewarded with vouchers for free stuff to help you teach and improve the team.

I am a padel teacher, can I get a sponsorship?

Yes, you can. By enrolling in the Athlete Program, you can earn your racket, shoes, athletic wear etc.,
and don’t forget gear for your training camps and pupils through rewards.

Is there a follower count requirement to join?

We do not have a follower count requirement as we want everyone to feel welcome to join.

What do you get when you become an Athlete?

As an Osaka Athlete, you can earn exclusive discounts, free gear, and more. You will have access to a
referral code and link you can share with your friends, family and followers for 10% off their purchases, and you will earn a commission on all purchases made using your link.

How am I paid?

We're making the payment process super easy by sharing Osaka store gift cards! Essentially, you'll
earn 10% commission on every purchase made via your code or link. Commissions will
automatically be paid and in the app (or on the portal), you can see all of your earnings. (Payouts
start at €20,- and are made at the end of every month.)

Your commission will be calculated after deducting shipping and taxes from the order.

Why don’t I immediately get free gear?

As you know, we get a ton of sponsorship request and cannot just sign everyone on.
Taking part in the Athlete Program gets you started, and provides the opportunity to get
signed on as a Sponsored Athlete further down the line. This is also the perfect
moment for you to show your commitment and love for Osaka.

Ready to Start? Let's Go!

Osaka Athletes in Action