Club: U.S. Women’s National Team

Postition on the field: Forward

Osaka Hockey Stick: FutureLab 100 Nxt Bow

What got you into hockey?
My mom played when she was young, and then a few of my friend started playing and I just picked it up too. And I’ve been playing ever since.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
My family are my biggest supporters. They will come to every game, even when I was in college. They love the sport as much as I do.

What does hockey mean for you, right now?
Being able to develop as a person, getting to step out of my comfort zone and being able to do things I never expected to be able to do.

What is it like getting to represent your club/ country?
There’s only so many people who can say that they’ve done what we’re doing. Who’ve worn that USA jersey and stood out there and represented their country at that level. It is a dream come true, it is an absolute honor, and getting to play against other countries like that brings so much pride.

What is your pre-/after game ritual?
I just have a cup of coffee, get my hair braided and bop to some music. I don’t really have a ritual.

What is a typical day in your life?
We are very lucky to have balance in our day to day life. We are done around noon, and can then do other things on the side. Such as work, coach etc. We’re based in Charlotte, NC and it’s a great place to be. The city is a lot of fun, it’s young and lively and there’s a lot of opportunities.

What makes you happy?
Being around people that make you happy. My friends, and family, just good vibes in general. Travelling is also something I love doing. We are so fortunate to have so much of that with our job, seeing all these really cool places with people I love it’s just insane.

What do you occupy yourself with, besides hockey?
Going out to diner with friends on the weekends, exploring the city and so on. And of course spending time with family, friends and just loved ones in general.

How do you stay 'on top of your game'? (Healthy, driven etc)
We are very lucky to have a lot of resources within our organization. Like a psychologist, a nutritionist and a lot of good recovery tools. There’s a lot of resources in place to support us on a daily basis.

What do you still want to achieve as athlete?
Ideally, Paris 2024. But I would just love to play at the Olympics, even if it’s not until Los Angeles 2028. I think that’s every athlete’s dream. Qualifying for it, being there and playing in that environment at that highest level. It’s the pinnacle of probably any sport. It’s a big dream.

How do you see hockey evolving in the next couple years?
The style of hockey, the style of play has evolved so much over the last few years. Five years ago nobody was throwing aerials as much as they are now. The game is evolving, becoming more quick, dynamic and 3D and I’m excited to see what is coming.

What does the Osaka ambassadorship mean to you? In what way has Osaka impacted your journey as an athlete?
Everybody is always talking about my pink shoes. Osaka is so cool. You want it, you want to be a part of it. I love the Osaka lifestyle. It’s also amazing how the entire team, and just the company in general, is so passionate about the game. Osaka is at every event and puts a lot of effort into growing the game and I appreciate that very much.

What is your ultimate tip for a starting athlete?
I would have never imagined I’d get to this level, so just try to persevere through it. Don’t give up!

What would you tell your younger self?
It’s a process. Nothing happens overnight. I used to be a sore loser, so I’d tell myself to trust in the process, to learn along the way and to not get too frustrated.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Play with Osaka! It’s the best brand ever.