Engineered by Athletes, Driven by Experts.

At Osaka, We push ourselves every day to create the best products that Hockey has
seen. We have an incredible product range with a simple goal to service the
Athlete. The one element that we were missing to complete the range was
Sports footwear. The IDO MK1 is the start of a new era for sports footwear,
it’s all for the Athlete, the Athlete comes first.



The Ido comes alive with midsole decoupling that changes the behaviour
of the shoe without jeopardising stability. The foot in its natural form is a completely
decoupled structure, it has 26 bones and has over 100 ligaments which all move
independently of each other.

So, what decoupling does is when you apply a particular force to the bottom of
the shoe it separates so that you have more shoe in contact with the ground
when you need it, where you need it. Decoupling on the IDO is nonspecific so it
suits anyone and everyone, no matter your foot shape or function.

The “O” spot


We’ve highlighted a part of the shoe called the “O” spot that is right
underneath the cuboid bone. This gives the spot the ability to bend so it does not
influence the rest of the foot and move independently. It represents a balance
center point for agility, acceleration and deceleration movements that the athlete
has to adapt to on the field.

Stack Height


The closer to the ground, the less the penalty. Traditionally the height in the
back is usually 30 mm and the front 20 mm which gives a stack height of 10 mm.
The IDO MK1 height in the back is 26 mm and the front 18 mm with the result of a
8 mm drop which brings the player closer to the field.

Engineered mesh upper

An engineered mesh upper is the lightest option available without jeopardizing
durability or strength for foot lockdown. This upper is noticeably light and
breathable and has been designed not to hold water. The IDO MK1 engineered
mesh upper offers confidence to the athlete when they push the limits.

Sling system

The sling hugs the foot to the midsole of the shoe. We have kept the sling system
as close to the foot as possible to minimize the lateral movement of the
foot in the shoe. There is a sling system on the outside of the shoe as well as on the
inside to prevent the foot from sliding off the shoe giving it a snug feeling and
tighter lockdown. The slings on the inside are constructed using Spenco Neoprene,
which is shock attenuating, protecting the most vulnerable parts of the foot while performing.

Toe box shell protection

To protect the toes from impact, a toe box shell protection has been applied
in the front. We've tested the toe box to obtain the optimum amount of
protection without carrying unnecessary weight.


The grip characteristics of the IDO MK1 are unique to sports.
Running backwards, sideways, pivoting and fast acceleration forward - there is
no direction that the cleats don’t accommodate for. A full contact outsole
that offers full confidence in fast changing directional movements and
allowing rapid braking.

Anatomical Last.


The starting point of every shoe design is the last. The last determines the comfort
and performance characteristics of a shoe. Traditional manufacturing methods
prevented last innovation to move towards contouring the plantar surface,

The Ido is unique because it is built around what’s called an anatomical last,
in fact, it’s the first field hockey shoe to ever be built using an anatomical last.
Traditional lasts are flat on the bottom whereas an anatomical last is completely
contoured to the shape of a foot. When that’s translated to the shoe, it means you
sit in the shoe with full surface contact rather than on top of the flat midsole.

Like a Glove

A major factor determining the on pitch performance of a shoe is how well the
shoe fits the foot and the perfect fit translates to player comfort and
confidence. The Ido anatomical last has been meticulously sculpted in fine detail
to cater for different foot volumes, standard fit and a slim fit. Take your pick
based on historical footwear experiences however the general rule of thumb is girls
will use the slim and guys will use the standard sizing.