Our View

OSAKA started out as a sports/hockey lifestyle brand inspired by Japanese values and design principles. We have a
deep-rooted commitment to quality and design which we
infuse in all our activities. Through this strong
language we have developed a very active following base of dedicated fans.
In recent years we have become very conscious of the necessity to transform the way we develop, manufacture and
transport our products to ensure our children will inherit the same beautiful world we have been living in. So we are
slowly but surely implementing new solutions to problems we are discovering every day.

Build the best product

In the past we had very different criteria for what a best product actually is: mainly design, quality and price-point
determined our appraisal of our products. We have just begun shifting those criteria to function/design,
repairability, and foremost, durability. Among the most direct ways we can limit ecological impacts is with
goods with a very long lifespan or can be recycled so the materials in them remain
in use. Making the best product matters for saving the planet.

Start with yourself

We have taken steps in our HQ to provide a sustainable work environment and aim to do much more in the future.
We have other plans for the future that will be communicated in due time, we don't want to make promises we cannot keep.

We work with a professional recycling partner and all our waste goes through the proper channels.
We have set-up a team dedicated to improving our impact on the environment. From decisions made
with regards to office supplies all the way up to new developments in packaging, they scrutinize everything. We have made
a conscious decision for a green energy supplier in the office and all our electricity comes from renewable energy sources. To
raise awareness amongst our staff for the growing concerns in the world, we’re launching our monthly environmental
focused challenges in the office.

Goals: Short term (2021)

Waste reduction

We aim to remove virgin plastics from 90% of our packaging by 2020 and implement 100% bio-degradable
and recycled plastics by the end of 2021. We are currently reworking all our
packaging and we are making the most sustainable choice for every problem we are confronted with.

Goals: Mid term (2025)

Energy Use

By 2025 we want to turn our HQ into an energy POSITIVE workspace. We will install solar panels on large roofing
present above a warehousing unit, that will provide more than enough energy to deliver energy not only to our offices,
but will deliver clean energy to the net during peak hours as well.

Circular programs

We aim to install a circular business model for our key product categories: sticks, bags, footwear and teamwear. We aim to do this through
various means, like offering repairs and refurbishing on our website. Our goal is to create products that are easier to recycle
and repair, create drop-off stations at the clubs and retail partners we work with for old and broken products and we will
make sure they are given a new life.


A circular business model maximises resources and minimises waste. In a more traditional way to operate, a linear
business model, resources are used to make the products, use them, and later, discard them — only 1 % of all the
materials are being recycled into new products. But in the circular model, resources stay in use for as long as
possible before being regenerated into new products and materials, resulting in a reduction in waste and negative impacts.

The path to improvement

The core products of our business is far from sustainable, we know.

With our sustainable goals we hope to slowly but surely make our contribution in working towards a better sustainable
future. The path to global sustainability requires major change, it starts with smalls step and with global participation
the impact will be significant.