Win a trip to Tokyo


Step 1: How can I win?

Buy one of our bags at your local retailer or instantly on 
The complete collection will be released during the upcoming weeks.


Step 2: What can I do? 

It’s hard to ignore the environmental issues we are facing today. As a company
it is our duty to implement strategies to reduce environmental impact.
Slowly but surely, we are implementing new solutions to problems we are discovering every day.

Turning something negative into positive, just like we did with our bag collection.
Let’s work together and try to make sustainable choices wherever possible.

Now it’s your turn, show us your #osakainitiative!


Step 3: What's next?  

Make sure to register your purchase online to enter the competition. Follow
@osakaworld on Instagram
and post your initiative with the hashtag #osakainitiative so we can find you!
The competition will be closed on the 5th of January. Winner will be announced on the 10th of January.


Step 4: Best chances to win?

The most original initiative wins the prize. It does not have to be big,
it’s your originality and authenticity that mathers. Every small step makes a difference.

The grand prize

You’ll have the chance to win a return tickets for 2,
flying with KLM in August 2020, from Amsterdam to Tokyo. 
Discover this amazing city and a chance to go watch the hockey teams going for gold! 

 What’s included:
2 x 2 tickets for the games
2 plane tickets from Amsterdam - Tokyo
4 days 3 nights stay in Tokyo, Japan   


The situation

Due to this summer's excessieve climate, the high temperatures during transport created an unforseen side effect.  
Our black hang tags bed into our tarpaulin bags and left permanent black marks of all bright colored bags.
Perfectly constructed and designed bags were seemingly destroyed.

The solution

Rather than disposing of the entire batch of brand new bags and having them reproduced,
creating a massive ecological footprint, we found a sustainable solution.

Our bag collection is an expression of the desire to travel and explore.
We joined forces with KLM's Fly Responsibly initiative and created an air-travel inspired graphic
to give you the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime.

We want to make this journey as CO2 neutral as possible.
We will contribute to KLM's CO2ZERO compensation service to negate
the CO2 emissions generated during the production of this bag collection. 

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