"I will probably go look for a job that I can easily combine with sports on a high level."

Club: Royal Herakles Hockey Club

Osaka Hockey Stick: Pro Tour 100 Low Bow

We catch Alexis before breakfast on the field of KHC DRAGONS for an outdoor photoshoot. How nice from him to free up some time for this, as he just returned from abroad and is now very busy finishing his thesis.

First impressions

‘I’ve spent my last semester at a private business school in St. Petersburg in Russia. I’m very close to finishing my study Business Engineer in Louvain-la-Neuve.

My time in St. Petersburg has been a fantastic experience. The most remarkable thing about this city is that the cultural differences between Belgium and Russia, are huge. It’s a whole new world.

The unfortunate thing about this is that you get, and stay, stuck with first impressions as people rarely speak English. Which of course is a pity.’

St. Petersburg

For anyone planning to visit this city, I can highly recommend Saint Isaac’s Cathedral for the ones who are not afraid of a cultural touch. For food, you must visit Hamlet+Jack, there is a really nice atmosphere and great food.

Going out in real Coyote Ugly style -including hot dancers-, at Lomonosov Club.

Life after school

My plans for after I finish my studies are not completely clear yet. The only thing I already know for sure is that I will stop studying. (laughs) I will probably go look for a job that I can easily combine with sports on a high level. My aim is for sure to stay at Herakles. This is the club where my whole family plays and I’d like to stick to traditions.

Because I live in Namur, it requires a lot of driving, so you can find me often in my car.’