"My future plan is to combine hockey with work."


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Pam (23) plays hockey in Utrecht, where she lives with four of her friends in a cozy student house. She studies in Amsterdam and is quite a busy bee, but she is happy to free up some time for a photoshoot on a rainy day in Belgium.

Life next to Field hockey

Your face looks exactly the same as the face of all other people when I tell them I study Econometrics. Everyone tells me this study sounds nothing like me at all, and to be very honest, they are kind of right.

In secondary school, my maths went so well that I always wondered: Would economy, combined with mathematics, be something for me? It was more of a challenge for myself: Would I be able to finish this study successfully?

I am currently in my final year so if all goes well, I will be finished in June. My future plan is to combine hockey with work. I am thinking of working three days out of five to keep some room for my sport.

Sporty Spice

Besides Field hockey, I am now learning to surf, and I am a sailing instructor. In the summertime, you can find me on a boat on a big lake in Friesland, or traveling to exotic destinations.

Sport is a big part of my life. Whenever I am on holiday with friends, the first thing we look for is a sports school. A local fitness or even a treadmill, is just fine, as long as we can keep moving.

Bucket list

With Marijn (Veen) I went two times to Asia. Because I am not so fond of exotic street food, I was eating noodles for the whole trip. Marijn is always annoyed because I am really slow. I take my time and she is fast, so always funny discussions there. (laughs)

After Sri Lanka and Vietnam, Indonesia is the next destination on my bucket list.